Our airfield has a rich history that fascinates every member of the club. Originating in WW2 this airfield was used as a base for many of the spare parts that could not be stored in the bigger cities for fear of bomb destruction. And indeed, a factory in Birmingham where a lot of the parts had been manufactured was bombed in late 1941. This would have left our planes in the south of England without possibility of repair but thankfully our airfield was still surviving and covered in storage facilities for Hurricanes, Spitfires and Lancasters alike. After the war, the men who had worked the facilities invested their own time in looking after the grounds and once the stock had all been transported back to its relevant factory or correct warehouse, the area was left with 2 runways and watchtower, but no planes. One pilot from WW2 Captain Giles Hillingham, from the local area remembered the help he had received at our airfield in 1943 and deemed it the most helpful spot in all of England. In the 1950′s he grounded the very first plane since the war years and began to offer rides to all those who had helped keep the planes fixed up during the war. This exclusive offer became so popular that a meeting was held between the former mechanics and the decision was made to turn it into a flying club for all those interested in planes and to act as a reminder to those who had served in defence of our country. Now, with company funding and 50 years on, we’re going stronger than ever, thanks to Captain Hillingham and the men of the Emergency Plane Mechanics school.